Emotive communication

About us

Communications that are moving – that's what we are about. Communications that reach, touch, and move people.

We work structured without restricting creative liberties. We combine the highest drive and commitment to quality with effective cost awareness. We work as a team and support individual strengths. We are service-oriented, without neglecting our function as consultants. We are loyal and honest to one another, to our customers and to our partners.

CEO: Ulrike Buck, Marco Scherer, Michael Bünker

founding year: 2003

Our credo: Time is precious – our communication should enrich the moment





here/to/now talent profile

In order to compose a perfect team, it is essential to know which positive impact each employee has on his/her colleagues and environment.
A talent profile created for every employee clearly indicates how the individual has a positive effect on the team, and enables optimum and complementary project group composition.

We don’t just create specific talent profiles for our staff, we have also taken an in-depth look at the talents of our agency. Here is an overview of what we feel distinguishes here/to/now:

No can do – no such thing! Any wish of the client’s is welcome. In order to make our clients and guests happy, we make practically anything possible. With dedication and passion we ensure that our clients are not only satisfied with our work but also enthusiastic. Our think tanks generate good new ideas, also once the project is underway.

With our clients we maintain a friendly partnership amongst peers. A good partnership requires commitment and intensive exchange – an investment we are always happy to make. It pays off in positive client relationships of many years’ standing, and our contact people regularly recommend us to other departments in their companies.

We succeed in implementing off-the-wall concepts because we demand that our projects be novel as well as feasible. Our creative processes make it possible for us to get outstanding projects up and running using simple means, and enable us to continuously suggest cool ideas which inspire the client. This turns every project into a small start-up – from the idea to the business plan.

From agile to waterfall – our project management tools and proactive communication provide our clients with the greatest possible transparency and orientation. Our high quality is ensured by our many years of project experience, our very structured way of working and good project and quality control. We are always prepared for any circumstances and respond flexibly when framework conditions change.