Tagungen, Konferenzen und Meetings mal anders: Mit Kreativität und guten Ideen lassen sich auch klassische Veranstaltungsformate so auffrischen, dass sie von der Einladung bis zur Verabschiedung begeistern, überraschen und dauerhaft in Erinnerung bleiben.

Ihre Gäste sollen sich wohlfühlen, es bequem haben, sich austauschen und kreativ werden. Das passende Raumsetting ist dafür schon die halbe Miete. Warum nicht mal modulare Raumelemente aus Pappe, elektronische Whiteboards als Präsentationsflächen oder hängende Gärten als Deko-Elemente?


Es gibt viele innovative und interaktive Elemente, die sich elegant in klassische Veranstaltungsformate einbinden lassen. Hier drei Beispiele:
Deep Dive Sessions: In kleinen Gruppen tauchen Ihre Teilnehmer tief in Themen ein und und stellen ihre Ergebnisse am Ende gesammelt vor. Das fördert die Konzentration und liefert völlig neue Denkanstöße.
Graphic Recording: Ideen und Inhalte werden in Echtzeit als Cartoons festgehalten. Die Ergebnisse geben Ihren Gästen noch vor Ort eine visuelle Zusammenfassung des Geschehenen.
„Fuck-up Nights“: Menschen berichten von ihren beruflichen Flops und Niederlagen und teilen ihre Erkenntnisse und Learnings mit dem Publikum. Denn: Aus Niederlagen kann man oft mehr lernen als aus Erfolgen.

Mehr innovative Veranstaltungsformate, Event-Trends und weitere wertvolle Tipps finden Sie auf der Seite Veranstaltungsservice für Verbände, die wir für das visitBerlin Convention Office entwickelt haben.

Jeder kennt Graffiti Art –ob man es mag oder nicht, man kommt vor allem auf Berlins Straßen nicht daran vorbei. „Tape Art“ ist dagegen eine noch relativ unbekannte Form der Streetart. Dabei wurde bereits im Jahr 2009 das erste große und für die Öffentlichkeit zugängliche Kunstwerk an der Fassade des Stadtbades Wedding von dem Künster El Bocho angefertigt. Bei der Ausführung werden lediglich buntes Klebeband und ein Teppichmesser verwendet. Dabei hat diese Kunst ihre eigenen, dem Material geschuldeten, Formen und Anwendungen entwickelt. Ob raumgroße, begehbare Installationen oder A
daptionen klassischer Gemälde – Tape Art ist sehr vielfältig und faszinierend.

„Tape That“ heißt eins der in Berlin tätigen Kollektive, das auch in Ihr Firmenevent neue Farben bringen kann. Mit dem einfachen Mittel des Klebebands und diversen Techniken, entstehen dabei außergewöhnliche Tape Art Kunstwerke. Dieser Prozess erfordert sorgfältige Kommunikation zwischen den Mitgliedern und ermöglicht die Entwicklung von innovativen Gedanken. Auf einer Leinwand geschaffen, kann am Ende des Teamwork-Kunstprojektes ein eigens gestaltetes Kunstwerk als Erinnerung mitgenommen werden.

The term “mindfulness” used to be known mainly in connection with esotericism, but has long since broadened its scope and is now an established term in the day-to-day language. In our daily routine, and in our preparations for events and congresses, it may be hard to find the space and time for the peace and quiet we need. Although fresh ideas can only develop if mental capacities are free! The founders of Headspace or 7Mind, a start-up based in Berlin-Kreuzberg, have therefore created concepts which take up only a few minutes of your day and yet lead to more relaxation. A special focus is on mindful executives, who can support their company’s most important resources, the staff, in a better way.
Want your guests to decelerate? From a rooftop yoga session to early bird jogging before a congress – there are many ideas that help restore the balance between body and spirit. Especially in the case of travel, when the days are exciting and the nights are long, this may have a very positive effect on the well-being of your guests.

Berlin BBQ
You only have to think about Berlin and barbequing and you can practically smell the ‘Currywurst’. On the heels of trends like green smoothies, superfood and vegan liverwurst, a countermovement is now underway which is embraced not only by the wild at heart: American BBQ!

Previously a pop-up restaurant and now with a permanent location: The Pit introduces Berlin to genuine Texan-style meat culture. Here the meat is smoked over natural oak wood for 18 hours. Those who happen to be in the north of Berlin should check out Blackbeards, where everything revolves around beef brisket, ribs, pulled pork and fillet burgers.

Not fond of American cuisine? Then let us tell you a secret:
Fes Turkish BBQ – where you do your own barbequing at your table, plus Turkish starters and salads with raki and wine – share and enjoy!

320,000 disposable cups are thrown away worldwide – every hour! This adds up to 6.4 billion cups per year. Meanwhile, coffee to go is part of everyday life, and it’s consumed in paper cups at leisure and on the move. However, along with the figures, a new awareness and the urgent need for alternatives are growing. Believe it or not, even McDonald’s has joined the trend and in the middle of November began pouring coffee into reusable mugs brought in by the customer. The customer is rewarded with a discount on the hot beverage purchased.

We in Berlin are also opting for reusables. The start-up Justswapit has joined forces with many Berlin cafés in order to reduce packaging waste. People can either buy the attractive mugs or just borrow them – so there’s no garbage, and no guilty conscience.

Those who also like to recycle at home or who are still on the lookout for the right gift for caffeine junkies will find espresso and cappuccino cups made exclusively of coffee grounds at Kaffeeform.

Our insider tip for reusables you can borrow: The Tiffin project. Discovered in the Kreuzberg “Kiez”, not far from our agency, you can get an Aryuvedic lunch to go in a Tiffin box, thus avoid packaging waste and microplastic. Just taste – no waste!


1. Quit Excel
Managing your participants in excel sheets can be very confusing and time consuming. Our participant management system offers a web based database that is very easy and safe to handle. This way you can focus on other important things and don’t have to worry about your guest management.

2. Design your registration process as easy as possible
Don’t confuse your guests with a complicated registration. With our participant management software, you are able to easily send personalized invitations with individual login codes. Existing customer contact details are already in the system, so it’s not necessary to update them. Make life easier for you and your guests.

3. Always keep a clear overview
How many hotel rooms do you need? Who is a vegetarian? Our participant management system enables to review the latest information, including statistical evaluations of your invited guests. This way, it is easier to respond to changes.

4. Pay attention to reputation and image
The first impression is highly important, as we receive more invitations and newsletter than ever. Allow your guests to recognize your organization and brand immediately.  Adjust the look and feel of your event communication tool to our participation management system and corporate design.

5. Leave nothing unexplained
When the Event FAQs don’t provide enough information and your customers have other important questions left, we will take care of it. Our well-trained employees are happy to answer all kind of questions over the telephone. After these calls, queries or changes will be marked in the participation management system. This way, no important information will be lost and you have a better overview of all the updated contact details.


1. Appreciation round
Meet as a team for five minutes. Each member starts by expressing self-appreciation – for something done recently which worked out well – and then praises a team member for something this person has accomplished. What makes this special is that each contribution is met with applause. Keep it short and sweet! Be spontaneous, no anecdotes.

2. “Yes, exactly!”
Starting today stop saying: “Yes, but...” and instead respond to suggestions and ideas with: “Yes, exactly, and...” Add your own ideas to the suggestion made. Don’t waste energy on discussions. Observe how this behaviour makes it much easier to achieve your goal.

3. What’s working well?
Focus your attention on what’s working well. Life becomes easier.

Eventful remuneration - a new trend?

Eventful remuneration - a new trend?

Is the current system of compensation with salaries and wages out of date? There are certainly a great many reasons why work should be compensated with more than just money. Money only motivates so far. And exchangeable goods like money are insufficient for fully tapping the potential of creating identification with an employer. Experiences are a suitable alternative to increasing this identification and motivation: emotional experiences with unforgettable moments that cannot be compared to monetary compensation. As an employer, you have the opportunity to direct the current compensation system away from being cash-based. Is work compensation about to take a new direction?  An interesting question, and something that should no longer be purely theoretical, but should be put into practice.

Saling Incentive Majorca

Saling Incentive Majorca

Welcome to Majorca – welcome to Sail & Style. Why not head to Majorca for the next incentive? Now there’s nothing standing in the way of a team building exercise with the perfect conditions for sailors on a fully equipped yacht from Match Center Germany. A sailing match race will challenge you to get the hang of new tasks quickly, communicate clearly and deliver a coordinated, top performance as a team. And those who poured everything they have into the race can look forward to a relaxing evening in one of the newest designer hotels: the OD Port Portal above the most exclusive marina in Majorca – the perfect sail and design location. The hotel, which opened in 2014, has an exclusive and stylish ambience, just like all designer hotels, with a high affinity for unusual style and unmistakable design.

Incentive Location Austria

Incentive Location Austria

Back to the roots, back to nature! In exclusive cooperation with Design Hotels we are offering incentive and team building trips, with a focus on regionalism. Following our Sweden special in February, this exclusive cooperation between here/to/now and Design Hotels offers exciting ideas for incentives and events in the Austrian Alps. As a “Farmer for a day”, you’ll be carrying out various food production processes – such as milking cows and churning butter – and having a go at the traditional Schuhplattler folk dance and traditional games.

Digital Perspectives

Digital Perspectives

Is even the air that we breathe digital? With this digital omnipresence it’s a valid question. Whether the mundane or special occasions – there’s virtually always a digital camera at the ready to capture the moment. All too often however, the click comes just a second too late, and far too often the memory cards are stuffed with selfies. But what about the unstaged and unedited moments in life? The unfiltered and the real? One solution to this problem is the autographer, a special type of camera. The device is hung around the neck and uses five sensors and a clever algorithm to permanently monitor your surroundings. At the “right” moment it takes a picture, promising a unique shot, which never would have been taken under normal circumstances.

The city of Melbourne is drawing attention to itself as an interesting destination: Over a timeframe spanning several days, two tourists with helmet cameras will go on a journey of discovery through the city. They will be instructed and led by the social media community, who will be following the entire trip via live stream.

So how about capturing some unconventional moments from the point of view of the participants at the next event or incentive trip? Which digital means can be used to increase the success of your promotions or trade fair exhibits? Or we give you a virtual insight in advance and take you to your event location or travel destination, e. g. with the Oculus Rift goggles? No matter which add-on you go for – we’re happy to refine our joint projects with exciting digital content in order to reach your target group more effectively.





A new trend has been doing the rounds in Germany recently. The basic idea: companies introduce gaming elements to everyday tasks to keep employees motivated and improve their performance. Gamification makes use of people’s natural instinct to play in order to motivate them to do even basic tasks. Studies show the immense potential of gamification: 70% of 2,000 top companies will use gamification by 2015. And it is no surprise, because an increase in efficiency of 86% within three months is not rare. The possibilities for implementation are numerous.

In the liveops call centre gamification tools reduced call times by 15% while simultaneously increasing sales by 12%. In sales teams (G4S Secure Solutions) increases in efficiency of 86% were achieved, while sales in the pipeline were increased by 60%. But not only B2B can profit from this, there is also incredible potential for B2C.

In order to motivate employees in sales-intensive organisations such as Mercedes-Benz, Samsung Mobile and Volvo even more, heretonow not only uses methodical and strategic measures in designing sales competitions, but also takes into account the sales employees’ instinct to play.

In the Samsung Mobile sales competition the participant earns a score, which can be viewed in real time in the online ranking. And we have come up with something special for Mercedes-Benz employees at the 64th IAA. They act out a role-play, in which they are members of a fictitious band, and have to complete the levels general audition, live performance and final encore. This is designed to strengthen motivation and teamwork.

Kunstreise Berlin

Arttrip Berlin

Arttrip Berlin

Together with FS.ART we will be organising an art trip around Berlin. During one weekend in April, participants will be able to experience the Berlin art scene with the eyes of an insider, and particularly in-depth thanks to the individual parts of the programme. The programme includes visits to several galleries, artists’ workshops and exhibitions. The participants will be staying in the art-lovers hotel “Das Stue”. Two particular highlights are an exclusive visit to the workshops of a foundry where art is produced and a guided tour of the Ai Weiwei exhibit in the Martin-Gropius-Bau.

Digital revolution, eventful communications

Digital revolution, eventful communications

The digital revolution, eventful communications The first digital camera was developed by Kodak in the 1970’s. It weighed just under four kilograms, had a resolution of 100x100 pixels and could record pictures for 23 seconds (on cassette!), which could be played back on a TV. The initial scepticism (“Why would anyone want to view pictures on a TV?”) should be a lesson to us all considering the success of digital media. At the Berlinale 2014 not a single film roll was used; the whole program was presented digitally. We also believe in the digital revolution and use digital media to revolutionise our eventful communications.

Incentive Location Sweden

Incentive Location Sweden

In April 2014, Stockholm’s latest Design Hotel will celebreate its opening party. The former girl’s school is a perfect meeting place for small and medium-sized incentive groups. It offers two conference rooms, a recreation area, finest dining and convinces with a functional design. And to all of those, who like to gather far beyond the city borders: Studio Furillen is a stunning and fascinating place in the north of the country and promises an unforgettable incentive experience. Just take a look on some sample projects we did in Stockholm and Lapland and get inspired.




We are grateful to Bruno Taut, a city architect from the early 20th century, for our new premises. His most famous work is a pavilion, the Glass Pavilion of the Cologne Werkbund Exhibition of 1914. Although it was constructed using typical materials for the time such as glass and reinforced concrete, the architect’s original concept did not meet with a very positive reception. The building served as an “advertising pavilion for the glass industry”, which went against the prevailing notion of pure utility. The history of this building is an inspiration to us for our Promote and Exhibit services today. Read on to find out about the “advertising pavilions” we have already built for our customers. Bruno Taut’s means of communication moves us: a mix of function and good design, not too accommodating, provoking discussion – simply conspicuous.

5 cups and some sugar EN

5 cups and some sugar

5 cups and some sugar

Berlin. Cold. Winter! But help is at hand in the form of a small online company with an original and timely idea for warming the soul. Five young guys have come up with a way of producing the finest tea that breathes new life into the oldest drink in the world: tea that tastes how you like it. Blend the ingredients according to your own preference, select from cool packaging and give your creation a unique name at the end. You can’t get more personalised than this, making it a gift with universal appeal. Catchy names such as ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’ and ‘The Comely Countess and the South’ encourage you to relax on the sofa with a freshly brewed cuppa and enjoy a drink of your own devising. And suddenly the gloomy winter weather can seem the perfect setting after all.

Welcome to here/to/now

Welcome to here/to/now

The year 2013 ended with the smell of fresh paint and the year 2014 is starting with it. Our new rooms are ready, another milestone has been reached. We have put the move into our new location into a very telling format: highly eventful, of course. Have fun watching how our new home base came into being. So let’s kick off with new rooms, name, website and identity: we are ready for take-off.

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And the BoB Award goes to ...

Outstanding creativity: inflame, the event unit of MARKENREISE, was conferred the BoB Award in Silver in the category "Live Communication und Messen 2012", on the occasion of the 6th German roadshow of visitBerlin, the official tourism portal for visitors to the German capital. With the BoB Best of "Business-to-Business" Communication Award, the Communication Association honoured the innovative communication concept and staging of Berlin’s motley and multifaceted "Kiez-WG"– which, day by day, exudes the same vibrantly unique, surprising and authentic vibe as our capital!

Imaginative new gastronomic experiences with a difference.

The Design Academy, based in Eindhoven in the Netherlands, provides support for edgy, innovative artists: The bizarre textured cutlery creations of Jinhyun Jeon certainly need getting used to, but they represent new gastronomic experiences in synaesthesia, a process in which one sensory stimulation influences other totally different ones. Temperature, colour, texture, volume, weight and shape together make up the elements that are set to create new and extended titillations for the palate. Thus is the everyday need to eat promoted to a challenge for the whole body. Are you looking for increased sensation with all your senses? Would you like to put together an innovative culinary happening for your next social event? Have you tried out this new appetite whetter yet?

Interactive surfaces: Emotional dialogue in new clothing.

Non-verbal communication using a surface made of textiles? It sounds like science fiction; but it is already a reality. Emotional Dialogue, a project by textile designer Svenja Keine and computer scientist Larissa Müller was amongst the winners of this year's DMY Award. Using an adapted and further extensible software package first developed by the Frauenhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits capable of recognising human emotion through facial expressions, it is now possible for people and textiles to communicate with each other. What are you putting on tomorrow?


Caroline Richard and Sébastien Maitre together form the creative heart of TABISSO. Their Saint-Nazaire-based company specialises in combining the topics of communication and interior design in a genuinely original fashion. The results of this experiment is a collection of chairs and lamps that can carry your message and give any event lounge or trade fair stand that special note: They create the letters A to Z in the form of multi-coloured chairs, while such punctuation marks as commas and semi-colons provide the inspiration for unique lighting fixtures. And at the centre of their philosophy is the promise of sustainability: the wood they use comes from certified plantations and the manufacturing process takes place in local workshops guided by conservation and local sourcing principles. In short: they're a genuinely novel way of enhancing the staging of your event.


Do you think you have seen everything in Berlin already? A project called, querstadtein invites to experience Berlin in a different way. Guided by former homeless people, it is possible to explore different areas that are normally concealed for the regular Berlin visitor. Where could you sleep, if you do not have a place to stay? What could you eat, if you do not have any money left to spend? You will gain deeper and highly interesting insights in a different, but real life of Berlin’s true citizens.

EcoSphere: The living glass ball

Each EcoSphere encapsulates an aquatic micro world containing an ecosystem of water weed and shrimps within a sealed glass container. These autonomous mini ecosystems cocooned in glass, which were first developed by NASA, make perfect gifts, or can even be used as trophies at award presentations. Each of these little water worlds is a truly autonomous ecosystem that only needs light and ambient heat to nourish it. It is a little like an aquarium, but with a difference. You can even clean your EcoSphere using the magnet provided with it. If positioned correctly, your EcoSphere will survive up to three years – or even more – without adding any food or water. It beautifully demonstrates the fragility of our ecosystem, but its shapely design makes this miniature world enclosed behind glass more than just a learning device; it is also a very attractive decorative object.

Pantone Hotel - Long live colour!

That's right; colours have a strong influence how we feel. Hoteliers have been aware of this since well before Feng Shui made its appearance. How natural then, that Pantone have opened a Hotel in centre of Brussels designed including Pantone colours in every detail? For almost 50 years this market leader in colour communication has been providing the worldwide standard in precise colour definition for the graphic design business. Whether Pantone can achieve something similar in the Hostelry sector has yet to be seen. However, there can hardly be another hotel that considers the effect of colour in its design as thoroughly as this one. For example, Pantone 137C forms the base of the "vibrant, intense room". Or would you prefer the "cheerful, warmth" of the Pantone 1215 room? For some a particular shade is just another number, while for others it's the new pink. And for us? We found a room in 381 and 306 that set just the right tone.


Upcycling – the new recycling. Sometimes all that's needed is a slightly different perspective and a little creativity to create a new, valuable object out of something that would seem at first sight completely worthless. That's how can pull rings become earrings, an old jeans becomes an appointments diary and lost odd gloves can be repaired to new partners. Berlin is now experiencing an upcycling craze, showing its unique creative energy in yet another new and original way. Sustainability with a happy ending - we like that!

Graphic Recording

Visualise Dialogues Live Know the feeling? At meetings and conferences, most of the time, only one person is speaking, while the others are listening. With declining receptiveness!? Motivate your employees and colleagues and get them passionate about your message by means of effective knowledge transfer. How? With Graphic Recording, attention and receptiveness can be increased in a simple but effective manner and, on top of this, processes become easier to follow: While the speaker is concentrating on the speech, a drawer graphically documents what is being said. The result is a graphic landscape by means of which the audience is not only able to absorb the message auditively but also visually. Thus, contents can be memorised more easily. And this also in the long run – when the result decorates your rooms in the form of an art print. Be visual!