Design - Relevance in its most perfect form

What is design? And what is good design? There are a myriad of rules, but we follow the most important one: relevance. Using design to increase a message’s relevance. That is what we do. Taste is a matter of opinion, but function certainly is not.


Lutter znd Wegner, Henkel

Lutter & Wegner | KAMPAGNEN-MOTIVE

„Es geht ein Prickeln durch Berlin“ – unter diesem Motto entwickelten wir das Key Visual und eine Bildwelt für „Lutter & Wegner Gendarmenmarkt“, eine Sektmarke mit Berliner Wurzeln. Ziel war es, das Berliner Lebensgefühl zu vermitteln und eine breite Zielgruppe anzusprechen, vom jugendlichen Partygänger bis zum anspruchsvollen Classic-Fan. Im Fokus der Motive steht jeweils eine Person, die sich mit Sektflasche einer Gruppe von Freunden nähert. Die unterschiedlichen Motive wurden als Citylight Plakat-Kampagne in Berlin publiziert und  finden auf diversen Medien Verwendung.

Mercedes-Benz | EVENT communication

Sylt is more than an island, Sylt is a lifestyle! This was also expressed in course of the event media we created for the Mercedes-Benz Service Meeting. Sustainable materials such as real wood, natural paper and jute made the special island flair of Sylt in the truest sense tangible. The giveaways were not only stylish, but also practical: branded „Friesennerze“ (rubber rain coats), scarves and rubber boots protected guests from the rough weather by the seaside. The design was also used for the event app, which provided valuable tips and information about the program and the island of Sylt.

Mercedes-Benz | travel communication
Abu Dhabi & Dubai

In the UAE, exclusive top-class experiences awaited our travel guests. The design was based on the typical facades and windows of the region. Geometric forms as background patterns as well as holes in typical window shapes in combination with shimmering materials and atmospheric photos transformed the media into yet another travel highlight.

AXICA | Corporate Design

Right at Brandenburg Gate, star architect Frank O. Gehry created AXICA, one of the world’s most spectacular event locations. We’ve been supporting AXICA since 2017 with the development and deployment of all print media – from business cards and wine labels to flyers and brochures. The design meets the high standards: out of the ordinary yet classic, creative yet clearly structured. Just like AXICA itself.

Ministerium für Schule & Bildung NRW | training materials

In the project “Language-sensitive school development”, schools jointly tackled the task of reinforcing an overall concept of language education as an element of a diversity-aware school in its educational and school development. We were responsible for supporting the project team in the process of creating documentation and auxiliary materials. The result is an appealing book which explains scientific content in a way which is clear and easy to understand. The corresponding planning game helps participants in schools to intuitively record, plan and document the individual project stages.

Ministerium für Schule & Bildung NRW | Book

Students who fail to properly master the “language of instruction” have poor prospects in the daily school routine. The project “Language-sensitive teaching – offerings for practice teaching” provides materials for teacher training to better enable communication of the language of instruction in the classroom. We support some 30 authors from various areas with a joint workshop and guidelines. We collected, standardized and consolidated the wide variety of content. The result is a concise book with an appealing design and easy-to-understand graphics.




As part of our incentive trips, we design the corresponding communications media for the best car and transporter sellers of Mercedes-Benz. For each trip, we develop individual and unique travel guides, daily itineraries and presents as well as other travel-related media such as luggage tags or menu cards. The selection of materials for the media is always reflecting the destination of the trip, for which we develop and produce the competition communications in advance.

ITB Berlin | anniversary campaign

ITB Berlin celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2016. This special anniversary was celebrated with the campaign “From Berlin With Love”, which we designed for this event and during which we presented the fabulous fifty. We sent 50 ambassadors from Berlin to 50 destinations around the world, where they met 50 representatives and spoke about 50 topics – from space travel and the best pizza in the world to a turtle reservation. This resulted in 50 exciting stories, which we recorded in a book together with a personal insider tip or recipe. In addition to developing the idea, we helped ITB Berlin with the travel preparations, created the editorial drafts of the interviews and copy, as well as the graphic work for the book, from design to the final print file. 

Mercedes-Benz | travel communications Alps

As part of our incentive trips, we design the corresponding communications media for the best car and transporter sellers of Mercedes-Benz. For each trip, we develop individual and unique travel guides, daily itineraries and presents as well as other travel-related media such as luggage tags or door hangers for the hotel room. The selection of materials for the media is always reflecting the destination of the trip, for which we develop and produce the competition communications in advance.

LLT Corporate Design


We produce a corporate design concept for the direct tour operator Lebenslust Touristik. This entails supporting the new company in their communications for a successful market entry and market penetration, as well as designing the sales media and website including an integrated e-commerce system, all aimed at their target group of people aged over 50. We also take on responsibility for developing and implementing ATL and BTL activities with destination brochures and advertisements in high-circulation national print media.

NOVOFLEET | Conference Communication

NOVOFLEET, a newly established company in fuel card management, is holding its partner conference in Spielberg, Austria. The media used reflects the two different aspects of the location that the participants will experience during the conference: the down-to-earth and traditional style of Austria, and contemporary and sporty designs that symbolise in particular the closeness of Spielberg’s Formula One Track. The event brochure, menus, badges and high-quality give-aways are just some of the eye-catchers on offer for the conference’s participants.

Samsung Reisekommunikation

Samsung Reisekommunikation


As award for a successful participation in the sales competition of Samsung, we are sending the most successful smartphone sellers of Germany on incentive trips. The main task in the design of all communications media consists of activating the target group for participating in the competition. We design, product and send advance mailings with memorable claims and emotionally charged goodies. The animated character of any and all media is carried through the whole trip including the follow-up activities.


In cooperation with visitBerlin, we shine a different light on the metropolis and present - as part of multiple domestic road shows - another, more experimental Berlin than what is familiar from travel guides: classic tourist attractions are replaced each with a topical cookbook with Berlin culinary attractions. Another core element of the series of events is a flexible, yet comprehensive room design that is convincing at each location.

DKV Euro Service | print material

The colour green covers all communications media that we are creating for a select DKV Euro Service product, and whose market entry we are supporting. With a climate-neutral fuel card, the Company is offering its customers the possibility of compensating for carbon dioxide emissions. The communications solutions consist of a variety of print media designs, such as bill inserts, informational flyers, customer mailings and contact forms, in addition to a seal of quality. An LED wall and individual web banners will form the digital media.


For Fröbel, one of the largest non-profit bodies responsible for kindergartens, we are developing a new corporate architecture as well as a new corporate identity. In addition to immaterial values such as a mission statement, we also introduce creative room and colour concepts in the same breath. On top of that, we are responsible for the preparation of numerous print media such as brochures, flyers and an educational calendar. The design and production of advertising materials, including bags and ballpoint pens, are also part of our work for Fröbel.


In the development of the communication media as part of the taxi evenings, the primary focus was on the exclusivity of Mercedes-Benz as a taxi brand. Characteristic of these events is the use of unusual and creative mottos, which can be experienced especially in a lavish room design. Furthermore, we are responsible for the whole invitation communication as well as for on-site media such as name tags, menus and banners.


We conceptualise an employee motivation concept for three event modules of the IAA. Inspired by the motto "Pulsschlag einer neuen Generation (Pulse Beat of a New Generation)", we derived the motivational motto "Pulse Beat". In addition to the development of the motto, we pay considerable attention to a motto-related design in the design of the logo and the communications media such as the notepads with musical lines. The communicative core element of the interactive motivational concept is a sophisticated puzzle.