Design - Relevance in its most perfect form

What is design? And what is good design? There are a myriad of rules, but we follow the most important one: relevance. Using design to increase a message’s relevance. That is what we do. Taste is a matter of opinion, but function certainly is not.



The basis of our work is an extensive understanding of your needs and wishes. We grasp your corporate philosophy and take your brand to heart. A holistic company analysis and an evaluation of the competitors’ position help us create a tight communication strategy for your entrepreneurial concept. We use customer-specific personas to put ourselves in your target group’s shoes. This makes it possible for us to develop optimum measures and media and thus authentically present your brand.

Concept development

Things get creative as soon as the communication strategy is set. Using the customer journey, we draft a storytelling which sets the right impulses. The CREATE process, a development of our very own, helps us devise the concept’s main idea which runs through all of your measures and channels. We determine together what these will be: print, digital – or both? Traditional mailing or innovative newsletter? Multipage brochure or a flyer instead after all? We define and structure the required content and set up a communication plan.


We are adept at mastering the balancing act of communicating relevant information and providing entertaining and pleasant reading. Need help creating your copy? We’d be happy to take care of content-editing and professional copywriting. Formal and respectable, or tongue in cheek if that’s your preference? We choose the tonality which strategically and authentically reaches your customers. Likewise, we design infographics to represent complex subjects in a way which is clear and easy to understand, and find the right images, e.g. by researching online databases or individual photoshoots. The result is a content concept which sharpens your core claims in word and image.


Next we take care of the optimum use of the chosen media, taking your corporate design into consideration. We develop initial prototypes such as scribbles, mock-ups and sketches of ideas. We are also happy to blaze new design trails. Why not try a surprising folding technique, an unusual format or a print enhanced with lacquer, embossing or silver foil? This is how we create a harmonious overall experience which includes design, content and haptics. Upon request, we can create a style guide to support consistent brand presentation.


As soon as you release the draft, we take care of the final polish. We organize the copy-editing, create colour-accurate proofs and complete the final artwork of the media – to the point where your print data can finally go to press. Our partner network in Berlin and throughout Germany reliably takes care of producing all the communication media at an optimum price/performance ratio. Upon request, we are also happy to arrange for packing your printed matter and shipping it domestically and abroad.