Design - Relevance in its most perfect form

What is design? And what is good design? There are a myriad of rules, but we follow the most important one: relevance. Using design to increase a message’s relevance. That is what we do. Taste is a matter of opinion, but function certainly is not.


Axica, Design Leistungen

Corporate Design

Corporate design is more than just a trendy logo. It’s the visual implementation of your identity and values, and consequently the essential foundation for holistic corporate communication. That’s why we provide you with a brand presentation which not only looks great but also possesses the strength to remain in the minds of your customers and inspire them on an emotional level. In addition to the logo, this encompasses fonts, colours, images – and of course plenty of passion for your brand.


Want to adeptly present your enterprise, successfully market an event or product? Appeal to your target group in the right place at the right time? In order to put together our cross-media campaigns, we creatively and contextually link the appropriate channels, also in terms of design and timing. Your customers are guided to the target via a clever customer journey. This includes a convincing and inviting design, and most importantly content and claims which are sure to hit their mark.

Book projects

We’ve developed a particular fondness for implementing complex book projects over the past years. We accompany our clients and authors from the initial idea and development of the structure and content to the fully designed product. We exhaust all the options regarding design – individual illustrations, fluorescent colours or an unusual binding technique turn your book into a unique reading experience.

Event communication

Every event – be it a roadshow, fair or gala evening – hinges on the content imparted and small yet fine details. Skilfully implemented event communication serves both purposes. We design your invitations, implement the right online registration tool, develop eye-catching presentations or apps and put the finishing touches on your event with location and stage design, menus and giveaways. This will make your event an unforgettable experience.

Travel communication

An incentive tour needs to do one thing in particular: make appreciation known. This is achieved not just with one-of-a-kind destinations and memorable experiences on site. But also by using carefully selected and lovingly designed media: baggage tags and travel guides make anticipating the trip a pleasure. Daily programmes, menus and giveaways reinforce experiences at the destination. Photo books und films at the end support reminiscences about the trip – and also serve as an incentive for future high performance.