Just a little bit - Digital Live Communication at HERE/TO/NOW

We create digital live communication formats and deliver unique, interactive brand experiences for your target groups. From corporate and event websites to mobile trade fair apps and social media campaigns for your next road show – we have mastered the whole spectrum of digital brand management.


An agency’s digital service portfolio must provide answers to any question. So just ask us!

Our portfolio is varied: In the area of digital identity, we take care of corporate and brand websites, i.e. the foundations for all digital communication. To ensure that you and your brand do more than merely present yourselves, “experience modules” such as mobile apps and interactive terminals allow for a genuine digital brand experience.

In many projects, we have been able to generate real added value for our clients with tailored tools which have proven themselves.

Corporate & Brand Websites

Feel like your website is out of date? Has your company or brand undergone a major change and doesn’t match your online presence any more? What’s more important now than the reason is a proactive approach and choosing a partner with comprehensive knowledge, many years of experience and methodical expertise. Together, we can define and form a striking digital identity for you. We will make your digital corporate and brand appearance stand out from the crowd.

Mobile Applications

Those who decide to do without mobile applications could literally be left behind. Mobile applications, which in our opinion are indispensable, can make a real difference to your target groups when it comes to preparing and post-processing events and their implementation. Participants have high expectations of the apps, which must offer a clear benefit. Individually adapted mobile solutions and tablet apps may use location-based services, for example, in order to give visitors time and location-dependent information in a suitable format during an event or at trade fairs or road shows.

Incentive Platform

Incentives are one of our core services, and are designed to motivate employees over the long term. An incentive offers numerous opportunities for digital-added value during all of its phases. We design and produce digital competition platforms for incentive competitions. Through the use of optional modules we can create digital solutions that are tailor-made for our customers’ needs: from participant management and gamification tools to chart preparation for competition results.

Online Guest Management

Busy events often present the organisers with the challenge of keeping track of all of the participants’ data. An online guest management system that is well thought-out and customised for your event can guarantee that the data you have is up to date, valid, complete and secure. We can design and manage reliable, easy-to-use web-based systems to record, evaluate and analyse participant data for various target groups and occasions, which can also be accessed anytime on mobile devices.

Social Media Marketing

Getting social media right is not a coincidence, even if social media communications are supposed to be off the cuff. The buzz effect that everyone aims for is the result of well thought-out social media marketing campaigns, which start with an in-depth look at the target group and the formation of a social media strategy. The requirements to reach the target could not be more different: Intensify online PR communications as part of an event? Live reporting during an event? User-generated feedback and increasing recognition? Our promise, however, is always the same: We can get all the attention you need over all relevant social media channels.

Interactive Terminals & Installations

Dialogue beats monologue. We stand fully behind this statement and use interactivity to enrich the brand experience. Interactive terminals at trade fairs make it possible to explain innovative products and services in a simple and, upon request, entertaining manner. This renders complex content comprehensible to the user. For instance, digital trade fair communication can revolve around a multimedia information terminal. This offers added value not only to the customer, but also to the exhibitor: Leads are generated digitally within the scope of the dialogue. Bye-bye business card, hello interactivity!