Sampling and promotion are one of the most successful forms of advertising. And which environment is suited best for this? We are convinced that an emotionally charged environment such as a vacation, travelling or experiences considerably increase the attractiveness and number of trials of sampling and promotion campaigns.
We reach your target groups at the right time in the right place: a placement of your brand tailored to the requirements, the selection of touch points and promotion personnel, the avoidance of wasted reach, and a project-accompanying analysis and optimisation of success turn your sampling and promotion campaign into communications that move. Get in touch with us to learn more about your options and opportunities.

A selection of our Promotions

VISITBERLIN | Fam Trip Berlin

After the roadshows of the past years, the visitBerlin Convention Office invited its target group to a con|temporary weekend on its home turf of Berlin. We had the idea of inviting interested guests to discover a new side of Berlin; a side only found off the well-beaten tracks. With four exclusive tours, named GREEN, LUXURY, ART & DESIGN and FOOD, we gave the visitors a glimpse of Berlin from a side they hadn’t seen before. The visitBerlin guests also got to know the culinary side of our capital usually reserved for locals, and they were impressed.


We support the market introduction of the E class of Mercedes-Benz in the taxi trade. In eight domestic metropolitan areas, we introduce the day-to-day chauffeurs to the latest model, under the motto "welcome to the quiet zone". At the events, the drivers get to know the vehicle, and can take a seat in it to experience the vehicle as a relaxing workplace. The integrated promotion is intertwined with classic communications and supported by additional announcements via the taxi radio multiplication.

Ferrero | Raffaello White Lounge

The Lago Bay Beach Club at the Hamburg Harbour is host of "The Raffaello White Lounge". The exclusive brand world, announced in print magazines and on the radio, is hosting 9,000 guests at Caribbean temperatures for two days. Freshly mixed Raffaello cocktails, Raffaello chocolates cooled on ice - true to style - and the massage portfolio at the wellness pavilion take care of an all encompassing Raffaello flair. The live performance of the Raffaello song "Speechless" by Alexa Goddard and spontaneous sightseeing flights over Hamburg turned the summer day into a well-rounded and complete brand experience.