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We are exposed to more than 3000 advertising messages every day. It is no longer enough to present advertising in its traditional forms. Can a media campaign involving travel bring greater rewards? Our journeys entrance our customers. We create travel campaigns as an interactive and emotional experience.

Selection of our work

Samsung Glamour Weekend Paris


Two happy winners are invited to discover with a partner the fashion metropolis Paris, following the footsteps of Karl Lagerfeld. Focus of the Samsung Glamour Fashion Weekend is a professional styling & photo shooting, where the participants are able to have an intense insight into the world of modelling. We design the concept for travel and communication and are in charge of the entire organisation and handling as well as on-site personal assistance.

Capri Camp 2005-2009 Lanzarote EN

Capri Camp 2005-2009 Lanzarote


With the Capri Camp, we do not just excite the little ones, but also the grown-ups. Because parents can be sure that their offspring will not just experience a summer vacation full of fun, animation and action. The Capri Camps do, furthermore, provide a pedagogic support program regarding topics such as sports, exercise and nutrition. Trademarks of the camp are, in addition, celebrities such as Bürger Lars Dietrich, Andreas Sutil or players of the female German national soccer team. We are responsible for tourism, participant management, setting things into scene, and communication.

Capri Camp 2005-2009 Lanzarote

Nokia Fashion Weekend Paris EN

Nokia Fashion Weekend Paris

Nokia | Fashion Weekend Paris

Nokia’s Designer Edition customers have the chance to spend an amazing weekend in the fashion capital of the world. "Nokia Fashion Weekend Paris" is an authentic embodiment of the campaign, under the slogan "You have many faces. Who are you in Paris?" The winners spend an incredible weekend as insiders in the Paris fashion scene. Fashionista, model, connoisseur or party queen – thanks to Nokia these personalities all have a chance to shine in Paris. We give the winners a chance to look behind the scenes and explore all the secret corners of the couture fashion industry, as well as a close up look at a photo session with world famous photographer, Yve Bottalico.

Volvo car Germany C70 Weekend EN

Volvo car Germany C70 Weekend


Under this motto we develop a journey for three target groups of Volvo Car Germany, aimed at three different areas: A trip around Austria and Hungary in the new Volvo S-line to represent recreation and culture. The new V-line model is able to prove its sporting characteristics and versatile features in Scandinavia and in the Swiss Alps, lovers of Cross Country journeys experience the new model of the XC-line. An individual "roadbook" guides the winners of the "Dream Journey" competition from one point to the other, with adventures planned in detail by Volvo. These vivid and memorable prizes are promoted as motivational aids at dealerships and online as well.

Langnese Summerclub 2004-2005 EN

Langnese Summerclub 2004-2005


Where there is Langnese, there is also summer and fun. At the Langnese Summer Club, the dream of the perfect vacation becomes reality. The vacationers dive into the exclusive world of brands of Langnese and spend the most beautiful weeks of the year there. Reporting takes place on TV and on the web. A multitude of activating measures, workshops, promotions, samples or events, such as the PR-heavy appearance of Shaggy, irrevocably linking the brand values to the vacation memories of excited vacationers.

Langnese Summerclub 2004-2005